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Sales Masters

Sales Masters has been an industry defining source for identifying, finding, delivering and managing the right talent to build high performance sales teams.  This critical component for success in a growth environment is often overlooked as a result of day-to-day operating constraints within our client companies.  They want to do the right thing but they are busy doing something and that something, is not always the correct action.

Understanding your strategy and then matching the correct candidates to the challenge is the expertise of Sales Masters.  We have been doing it for nine years!  In order to find a sales star you have to have been one and all of our principles have been successful in large scale sales assignments. 

Sales Masters specializes in all levels of sales and sales management from the neophyte to the seasoned VP of Sales.

In our experience, traditional hiring approaches simply do not work!

Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Sales Reps are difficult to assess. What you see is often not what you get. Sales people are very good at presenting what you want to see during an interview.
  • Top performers are hard to find. The best candidates are happily employed. 
  • They’re not likely to see your job ad, because they’re not even looking for another job. 
  • Top performers are rare. You need to go and find them. 
  • Most applicants for your vacant position will be salespeople who are not hitting their numbers. 
  • Seeing mediocre applicants one after another can condition the hiring manager to lower the benchmark for hiring. 
  • Time pressure. With the clock counting down on a quarterly budget, the sales manager is forced to settle on the best candidate available now, rather than holding out for the right candidate. 
  • Many companies don’t know what they are looking for. 
  • Successful sales reps require a very special high octane mix of personal DNA + skills + experience, which means hiring the right person is more complex and the stakes are higher.
At Sales Masters, “we have been there and done that” and, as a direct result, we know how to find the right people for the assignment attract them to the opening and deliver a sustainable, long-term success for our client companies.
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