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Security Masters

The security business is a complex environment. It requires industry specific knowledge and, a complete understanding of the technical side of the business, in order to be effective in assisting with coaching, consulting or recruiting.  

Security Masters
fills a very distinct market niche.  As a direct result of our consulting team’s efforts, we have been directly involved with most of the business aspects of a leader in the security industry for the past six years.  This company goes to market through dealers, distributors and direct OEM customers and markets a wide range of products that are security and home automation related.

Security Masters, maintained a full-time consulting relationship for over 5 years and participated in marketing, sales, technical service, engineering, HR, QC, administrative and senior management disciplines. We were directly involved in restructuring sales channels, developing compensation plans, product definition, recruiting in all operating groups, and overall management assistance. 

In short, Growth Masters, thorough our Security Masters group, learned the security business. Our consultant was on the direct staff of the President and served as an advisor to many aspects of the business. 

We are able to utilize this knowledge to assist in recruiting high performance sales and management teams and consulting and coaching in this specific industry with complete confidence in being able to understand our client’s, their customers and the industry needs. 

If you are involved with security, home automation and have a need for industry knowledgeable assistance we are the company to answer your needs.
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